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M ulti-media computer systems have a lot to offer modern Psychophysiology. Huge hard drive capacity and high speed internet allow almost unlimited storage and ease of movement of raw data and programs. Video and sound recording facility makes it practical to monitor the subject by video in addition to measuring physiology. It is possible to capture synchronized video images from one or more cameras directly onto computer disk while simultaneously recording physiology on the same computer. Inexpensive web-cameras, or professional devices like the high resolution tracking camera shown, may be used. Video with sound may also be used for stimulus purposes.
Synchronized video.
February 2008 .

An inexpensive webcam.

With the tracker camera, the experimenter can pan and tilt using controls on the computer screen (from behind a screen or in an adjacent room) to follow movement and zoom in and out. The camera was developed for security applications and provides more than sufficient range for lab monitoring, with excellent low light capability. Video images may be replayed on the computer synchronized with the physiology record. Off-line coding is added to the physiology record, (e.g., for coding specific emotional behaviours, or coding behaviour at the moment of specific physiological events).

The physiology record is then analyzed using our data analysis system software and macros which produces information in time epochs relative to code and stimulus. As needed video recorded on the hard drive may be copied onto DVD disk for viewing on another computer or converted for viewing on a DVD machine.


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