TG/WN includes a digital white noise source and a digitally controlled sine wave generator with range 30 to 2000 Hz. Volume setting for either source is controlled in 255 steps. 0 is completely off, 255 is maximum. Very fine adjustment at low levels allows adequate control while at high levels plenty of volume is available for startle, ERP clicks, etc. Output is normally connected to standard stereo headphones via 1/4 inch or 3.5mm jack socket.

Volume, frequency, noise or tone selection is controlled from the PCC stimulus control files on the host computer. This adequately accommodates complex arrangements including pre-pulse, double click, warning tone, background noise, etc. Control includes right, left or both ears, and attack/decay variation to avoid clicks when programming for pure tones.
The control panel below may be used to manually operate this unit by raising the slider to the desired volume and then clicking the Noise or Tone buttons.


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