SHK1 is an electrical pain stimulator for use in stress tasks or as UCS in conditioning experiments, etc. Maximum output is normally adjusted to be limited to 5mA, which is very painful for most people. The device is current regulated, such that the same shock level is experienced regardless of variation in electrode contact. The device has several safety features in addition to being optically isolated.

An arming button is provided which must be initially pressed before any output current will flow. Two seperate 'shock on' LEDs are provided. One shows when computer control is telling the dvice to operate, the other only lights when actual current is detected in the output current generation circuit.
Shrouded 4mm connectors are used for electrode connection. These connectors are different from normal medical electrode sockets, to prevent inadvertant connection of incorrect electrodes. Electrodes should only be positioned on one limb. They should not be positioned on the torso and must not be positioned on separate limbs. This is to avoid possibility of current flowing through the heart which would be life threatening.Electrodes are provided separately, designed with maximum 3cm between them and marked with the electrical danger sign.

Current levels up to 5mA (RMS) are more than sufficient for aversive pain stimulation tasks. The shocker was designed with reference to recommendations by Tursky and Watson. 60Hz, constant current AC stimulation is provided by an internal oscillator, independent of the AC power supply. Shock level and duration is controlled from the experiment control file; a number between 0 and 255 sets output level. The device is medically isolated and has a safety cut-out which prevents the shock occurring unexpectedly after temporary power out. It operated entirely from USB power and does not require external power supply or batteries.

Shock workup may be performed using the Stimulator Test panel. Enter a value, such as 5, in the 'Increase by' field, and position the slider at 0. Click the shock button at suitable intervals until the subject reports their threshold level. Note the value of the slider position, and use this value for shock level in the automated PCC file experiment procedure.


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