BIN8 Trigger and Relay unit

BIN8 is a USB connected and powered device allowing connection of other laboratory stimulation equipment via 4mm plugs. It inludes 4 relay closures, 8 TTL outputs, 8 TTL inputs, two 5V outputs and two ground sockets. Additionally a 25 way socket at the front is designed to directly link to a parallel printer port. Several stimulation programming systems, such as MEL, ERTS, etc. provide direct control of a parallel printer port. Nowadays most computers don't have these ports, but USB to parallel adaptors are available.

Examples of use are:

Remote button/s for reaction time or other response.
Lamp switching.
Solonoid operation to control air or fluid flow.

If the only requirement is for linking to a computer parallel printer port, a simpler , more economical adaptor is available.

Input to BIN8, such as with connection of a response button or from the parallel port of another computer, directly affects the event channel registed with each physiology device, such that external events are exactly synchronized with physiology.

Output to BIN8 is under control of the PCC experiment control file, and it may also be directly controlled by positioning the slider and then clicking the BIN8 or Relay buttons in the Stimulator Test panel.


Visual stimulation
TG-WN Sound Generator
SHK shockers
BIN8 External Triggers and Relays
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