Facial EMG and eye blink are some of the more demanding applications requiring wide bandwidth and extremely low background interference at very high gain. The EMG Amplifier is ideally suited to these applications. Filtering and gain are set from the PsychLabAcquire program to admit bandwidth 28Hz ‚ 500Hz. The EMG amplifier is available in 2 and 4 channel options.

EL1 (TDE23) electrodes are positioned across the muscle site and plugged into the red and white ‚ "active" measurement sockets. A third, separate electrode may be positioned anywhere on the body. This is an "isolated ground" connection, not a "reference" and does not in any way effect the measure between the two active electrodes (other than to reduce noise). For further information please see startle blink and/or Emotion Studies, or check our leaflets on Startle Blink and Emotion Studies, which may be downloaded from the PsychLab website

The EMG amplifier requires just a simple USB cord for both power and data.

The 2 channel EMG amplifier is also available for ambulatory use in a fixed gain and fixed filtered version, with internal memory for more than 5 hours of continuous rectified and integrated EMG recording.

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