EL122 Skin conductance


EL124 Shock

EL125 EEG dome electrodes (small arrays) (SLE)

EL126 Lead set for ECG (EKG)

EL204 ECG disposable pads (3M or similar, 3 packs of 50)

CAP 10-20 electrode cap (ECI)

EL205 Electrode collars for SC (99)

EL206 Electrode collars for EMG (99)

EL245 Electrode Gel for EMG

EL246 Electrode Gel for SC

EL122 8mm diameter for SC.
A also available in 4mm diameter EL123 for EMG.

EL126 dot snapper, used in combination with EL204 for ECG. Only 2 snap leads are now required, these are 30cm in length.

EL125 EEG dome type electrodes. Glue, jell and other accessories are available for these electrodes.

EL204, ECG disposable electrode pads.

CAP. The electrode cap comes with a full kit of accessories; gel, ear electrodes, etc.