PsychLab Blood Pressure is an electronic arm cuff automatic inflation device. The amplifier / pump is powered directly by the computer USB, which conveys systolic, diastolic and HR information and allows computer control of cuff inflation. This provides maximum flexibility, catering for a variety of situations, such as simple manual operation whereby a key press is used to start BP cuff inflation or programmed operation whereby inflation occurs at set times in the course of the procedure. The experiment may be designed such that cuff inflation is avoided at periods when it might disrupt other trial data. The device may be used in combination with any other of the amplifiers and stimulators in the PsychLab range. Following the inflation command, the device takes 1 - 2 minutes to complete the reading.
Diastolic and Systolic pressures are produced as separate readings sent to the computer via USB and graphed and stored by software. A manual abort button is provided, to protect against circumstances such as inflation of the cuff when it is not attached to the arm, which can damage the cuff.

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