EL3 dome electrodes, suitable for many small montage EEG applications.

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Example of auditory P300 measured in an oddball paradigm.

Amplitude reduction effect of the 0.01Hz high pass filter on a constant level over time.


Adjustable analogue filters are provided to remove interference prior to A-D conversion allowing excellent signal resolution by the internal 16 bit A-D converters. All devices including EEG8 require just a USB cord to convey both power and data.

A DC version of BioAmplifier is also available, and detailed specification is also given on this link.

Differential or common reference input is available. Individual EEG electrodes (EL3) or the electrode cap may be attached to the active measurement sites and plugged into the white (+) input sockets of each Amplifier. In differential mode, the - electrode is positioned at the negative position and plugged into the black socket of each individual Amplifier. A third ‘body' electrode must be placed at any point on the body. The 50/60Hz hum filter may be used to further reduce interference. Maximum sample rate <4.5kHz on all channels simultaneously is available in the current model (2007). Analogue output is also available allowing the amplifier to be used with other data acquisition systems.

Amplifier units may be banked for 8, 16, 20 or 32 channel systems, for example. Each amplifier unit is small enough to be used in ambulatory applications, and can be fitted with <32Mb of internal flash memory.


True DC coupled EOG may be measured with the wide purpose single channel BioAmplifier. EOG for the purposes of blink correction in EEG measurement may be measured with a separate 2 channel EEG amplifier.


Studies involving P300 in visual, auditory or other paradigms including novel experiment models may be accommodated using PsychLab software. Please see the PsychLab EEG-ERP information leaflet.

CNV and readiness potential

The wide purpose single channel BioAmplifier provide >0.01Hz High Pass filter setting suitable for expectancy wave detection.

The BioAmplifier specification described next also applies to these multi-channel EEG amplifiers.

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